More and more people have started working from home these days. In fact, with the ongoing global pandemic, many of us are spending a lot more time at home compared to a few years ago.

And during the same time, people have started transforming their homes into smart ones, with completely connected light bulbs, security cameras, smart speakers, video doorbells, and many other aspects of the house.

That is why it can be complicated to pick the right kind of device. You may only need a single gadget to fulfill a particular need, such as a smart plug. Or you might be thinking about adding more connectivity in your house, through your Alexa or Google Assistant smart speaker.

Moreover, voice assistants are a great starting point when it comes to building a DIY smart home. They offer the user a convenient way to interact with multiple devices without needing to manage basic access through different apps.

Before diving into the best smart home devices, it’s always nice to give smart gadgets as new home gifts or housewarming gifts. Here are some cool tech gadgets for new homeowners that will help them adjust much faster.

Fast Wi-Fi Router

If you’re into home automation or wireless gaming or home video streaming, you need a good Wi-Fi router that offers the best range with the fastest internet speed. It’s true that there are Wi-Fi routers out there that have a tough time delivering all the bandwidth when many people are online.

This is because it can only deliver data to one device at a time. Some super-fast Wi-Fi routers solve this issue by adding an additional traffic lane. Once the router senses a slow device coming online, it immediately diverts the other faster devices to a new traffic lane.

This way, every device receives the fastest possible speed. A fast Wi-Fi router is an amazing housewarming gift as your family or friends won’t have to stress about researching what Wi-Fi router to get.

Smart Security Camera

The number one concerning factor about moving into a new home is the safety and security of that particular neighborhood. You might have researched all about the crime and theft rates, but it’s always smart to have a way to safeguard your loved ones and your home.

A smart security camera or system is the perfect gift to ensure new homeowners that they have a way to monitor their homes from anywhere around the world. A smart security camera has motion sensors that notify you when it senses a motion.

In addition to sensors, it’s important that the smart security camera you plan on buying has night vision as well so that you have no issues viewing its live stream. This smart gadget also has a remote access feature that allows you to view the footage when you wish to.

If the individual you’re planning on giving this to travels often, they will love having a smart security camera installed in their house.

Video Doorbell

Moving into a new home is very time-consuming as there are one too many things to consider, from the safety of the house to your convenience. Video doorbells give you the ability to check who’s at your doorstep without having to answer the door at all.

In fact, if you have a smart speaker at home, you can interconnect the video doorbell with it and it will automatically inform you when there’s someone at your doorstep. There are video doorbells out there that can differentiate between people and animals.

In other words, you won’t get false alerts if the doorbells detect an animal. Moreover, you can monitor your front door from anywhere as long as you have the internet. A video doorbell that has two-way communication is perfect if there’s a salesperson at the door and they simply want to avoid having to speak to them.

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is yet another amazing housewarming gift. If your friend or family member is into home automation, a smart speaker is a step forward. In fact, it’s the first thing to consider when building a smart home.

They can interconnect all other smart devices to the smart speaker and control all the devices through the smart speaker. It can also be used as a personal DJ during gatherings and if your family or friends are conscious about their privacy with a smart speaker around them, they can easily mute it when people are around.

Voice commands can be used when managing a smart device through a smart speaker. If it’s a Google-Assistant powered smart speaker, they simply say “Hey, Google” followed by the question they want to ask.


Smart tech is on the rise recently and it’s the perfect gift for people who want to build a smart home as this technology is here to make our life more convenient and easy.

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