With the tagline “A Place to Reflect | A Place to Relate,” Eighteen is by far the most opulent housing complex in the Twin Cities. It’s one of the top developments in the twin cities’ elite section.

It is divided into two major phases, the first of which has already begun. Phase 2 is expected to begin in 2022. Surprisingly, the first phase falls under RDA, whereas phase two falls within CDA sector H-17. It will be a massive multinational enterprise. 

It spans over 4800 canals and provides incredible clever and magnificent homes in the middle of a golf club. At the very same time, this society provides magnificent homes with views of the gorgeous Srinagar Highway and an 18-hole PGA-standard golf course.

Eighteen Islamabad Property Owners and Developers:

Tarek Hamdy is the current proprietor of this residential society. Following are the developers of Eighteen Islamabad, all of which are well-known companies in the real estate sector: 

Saif Group has been providing services in textiles, electricity production, exploration of Oil and Gas, optical fiber, and healthcare since the 1960s. 

Kohistan Builders & Developers has accomplished numerous major projects in the development of environmentally-friendly infrastructure. 

Ora Developers is well-known around the world for its building and development services. Many overseas projects have been undertaken by the corporation, including Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus and Pyramid Hills in Egypt.

Master Plan

Eighteen Master Plan provides luxurious villas of various sizes. Eighteen luxury villas and 971 apartments would be available, according to the layout plan. There will be 28 apartment building sites in all, none of which will be for sale. The villas, which are popular with both investors and individuals wishing to live here, are divided into ten clusters. More information in the Master Plan is provided below:

The villas are available in five distinct sizes. Each of which is detailed below:

  • 10 Marla 
  • 1 Kanal 
  • 2 Kanal 
  • 4 Kanal 
  • 8 Kanal 

Every plot will have a view of a gorgeous 18-hole golf course. This rich path will include the entire community. Furthermore, villas are offered in a variety of floor layouts. 

Note: For 10 Marla A & B, there are two layouts

Eighteen statuses of development

The most recent information on the development effort at Eighteen Residential Project, Islamabad is that it is proceeding at a quick pace and is being completed in two parts. The first stage will claim the construction of the residential area within three to four years, while the second stage will claim the completion of the commercial building. However, the job status seems good in terms of both quality and time consumed.

The enormous villas are gorgeous and expansive, making them ideal for big families and those who demand wide room for living.

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Societies facilities 

  • There is a large 18-hole golf course that is ideal for recreation.
  • There is a proposal to build a magnificent business hub called The Core, which will provide chances for enterprises and investors.
  • International Standard Schools and Colleges will be present in society.
  • A network of broad carpeted highways that prevent traffic congestion.
  • The Height offers beautiful flats.
  • The society boasts spectacular views 
  • There are fully equipped hospitals with great health care claims.
  • The Square also has world-quality shopping complexes and a culinary strip.
  • Spa, workout facilities, swimming pools, and dining are all offered.
  • The mosques are easily accessible and convenient.
  • Provides a fantasy lifestyle of the utmost level.
  • Natural resources are used in the most cost-effective methods, making the area the most environmentally friendly.
  • The infrastructure and architecture are both gorgeous and contemporary, with plenty of amenities.
  • The investment is safe, and investors may expect significant profits.



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