Summertime is here, or just around the corner at the very least, and that means it’s time to get as much outdoor time as possible. In fact, it’s the perfect time to start blending your indoor space with your outdoor space wherever possible. With a screen door you can bring a cross breeze through the house on a beautiful day, with none of the bugs. You can make house-parties feel seamless for your guests, and even make it simple for your pets to come in and out of the yard as they please. Depending on the type of screen door, that is.  

Traditional screen doors use the same mechanics as their outer layer counterparts. However, when carrying a handful or trayful of items from the house into the yard, it can be difficult to navigate a screen door that requires the use of a handle or doorknob. Many screen doors offer the mechanics that allow them to be propped open making them hands free, but then that negates the purpose of the screen as insects and debris can blow freely into the house.

This is where magnetic screen doors offer functionality and versatility and make them an excellent choice for a modern household. Whether you’re looking to bring a breeze through the house, host a seamless indoor-outdoor house party, or just need a truly hands-free option when it comes to your screen door, a magnetic screen door might be the perfect fit. 

The Heart of the Home: The Kitchen Door

The kitchen-to-the-back-yard door is one of the most convenient and sensible places for the magnetic screen door. Not only is it easy to install in any location, but this threshold makes a lot of sense for the screen door because of its immediate access to the kitchen. Perfect for throwing lawn parties, bringing drinks in and out from the kitchen, or running in to grab a glass of water, having a screen door between the kitchen and the backyard makes for an ideal set up. 

Additionally, on a nice spring, summer, or fall day you can leave your kitchen door open during a meal at the table, without the fear of attracting bugs into the home. This way you can enjoy your meal, along with that fresh breeze. Because the kitchen is so often a central point of a household, this is also an ideal location to open up airflow through the entirety of the home. On especially cool nights, this can make for an easy and convenient way to cool down the house. 

Balcony Doors

Balcony doors are another wonderful place for the magnetic screen door. Whether you’re looking to get a late-night breeze while snuggling up with a book in bed, or you want to drift in and out from the balcony on an especially starry night, the screen door allows you to keep your balcony open without fear of little critters getting in. Although, pet lovers may want to be wary of leaving the door open to their balcony as the magnetic screen door is designed to make it easy for medium to large sized pets to get in and out of the house with ease. Additionally, it’s always vital to keep security in mind, and doors leading from the outside directly into bedrooms should almost always be locked overnight. This is a good safety-precaution for anyone and everyone no matter if they live alone, with family, friends, or a partner. 

That being said, the balcony door also makes an ideal placement for the magnetic screen door as it offers an incredibly easy way to make any special evening all that much more intimate. Sharing a glass of wine on the balcony, and allowing the breeze to follow through the open screen door can be especially romantic. 

Outside Gazebos and Patios 

Outside gazebos and patios that are screened in are also an excellent choice for the magnetic screen door. Whether you’re looking to replace or simply upgrade the door that currently exists, if there is even one, the magnetic screen door is simple, cost-effective, and convenient.

This elegant solution that’s designed with heavy self-closing magnets offers a sleek design for the entryway into any outdoor patio or gazebo making hands free operation seamless. This door will keep the breeze and good vibes in, while it keeps the bugs out. 

Walk-Out Basements 

Another great placement for the magnetic screen door is in the instance of a walk-out basement. Walk-out basements are a great feature in many homes that allow home owners. And guests access to the outdoors from the lowest level of the home. Typically this takes either creative design or some multi-tiered terrain. But the addition of a magnetic screen door brings the walk-out basement design to a whole new level.


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