This service is only available to Nigerians, and it gives you the chance to create an amazing business page for your Nigerian company. It functions as a kind of free web advertising for Nigeria music companies. There are several musical instruments used in Nigeria, many of which are homegrown creations played mostly by talented Nigerians. Many of the instruments that originated in Nigeria are already well-liked on a global scale; for example, the talking drum is being employed in music all over the world. The Ogene nearly originated in that region, where the Igbos who live in the eastern portion of the country play a variety of instruments for diverse purposes.

Traditional music instruments

Traditional music from the Yoruba may be divided into religious and secular categories. The Yoruba are one of the three main ethnic groups in Nigeria, along with the Igbo and Hausa. Music is typically played at religious ceremonies to please and invite the spirits of gods like Sango (the deity of thunder) and Ogun (the god of iron). 3 Music is used ritualistically in Yorubaland, although it is also frequently performed at religious celebrations. Sacred procedures that take place at the shrine of the god being worshipped are frequently followed by such festivities. To give rest to your mind you must Naija music Download. Religious celebrations offer the chance for collective music-making where everyone in the community may have a fulfilling musical experience. Additionally, communal music-making occurs on simply social occasions.

·       Ekwe

Igbo people play the Ekwe, a traditional musical instrument. The inside of the hollowed-out hardwood ekwe is divided into rectangular cavities. The most frequent type of wood used to make the ekwe is a tree trunk. The reason for which each size and style of the ekwe is utilised dictates which options are available. A traditional cultural event can involve an ekwe, or it might involve music. In the past, the ekwe was also employed as a form of talking drum for long-distance communication. Different rhythms, ranging from joy to emergency, are provided by the ekwe rhythm.

·        Djembe

The talking drum is an hourglass-shaped West African drum whose pitch may be adjusted to replicate the prosody and tonality of human speech. Around Africa, there are more talking drums of conical or tubular design, although they are more commonly referred to by their unique names than as “talking drums.” The Mande Dunun, Sangban, and Kenkeni drums, the Akan Fontomfrom, and the Bantu Ngoma are a few examples of non-hourglass-shaped African talking drums.


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